What is BSB International, LLC.?

BSB International is one of the largest and fastest growing trading companies, selling and exporting RVs from the U.S. to three countries in Asia since 2009. Directly operating one distribution center and two direct dealers in Korea, BSB International also has one distributor in China along with several authorized dealers. Annually, sales are more than 200 units of motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels along with significant parts sales. Now ordering from three major U.S. RV manufacturers and two parts suppliers, we are building customized units directly from these manufacturers to market overseas. As the only company which can solve the payment challenges for both manufacturer and overseas buyer, BSB International uses these proven methods of financing for our customers.

Our Vision

To establish Asia-America brand of RVs in Korea and China with customized trailers and motorhomes manufactured by three major U.S. corporations. Increase unit sales by 200% in 2018 and doubling 2018 sales in 2019. Expand the RV rental business in our Asian markets in 2018, with the goal to establish an assembly plant in Korea by 1st quarter 2022.

We Customize Your RVs

Looking for your own brand of RVs? We will customize your RVs, complying with government standards and requirements? We can build the RV you envision which meets your needs and desires! Our customization includes any type and size RV, motorhome or towable. Using RV lines from our three chosen major U.S. manufacturers, we guarantee a quality product and at a reasonable price which you expect.