Chevy’s New Trailering System Simplifies Towing

Chevy’s New Trailering System Simplifies Towing

Chevrolet recently introduced the Advanced Trailering System (ATS) as a package that comes standard on LTZ and High Country-trim Silverado pickups and is available as an option on Trail Boss, LT and RST trims.

Road Show reported that the package includes a number of features that should make towing less of a pain. To begin with, the ATS adds something called hitch guidance with hitch view to the built-in backup camera. This makes the typically arduous task of aligning a trailer hitch with the trailer way easier thanks to dedicated guidelines in the reversing display.

Once backed up into perfect alignment with the trailer, Chevy offers an auto parking brake assist which turns on automatically when the hitch view is being used.

A key feature of ATS is the trailer tire pressure monitoring. Previously, checking the tire pressure on your trailers would have required people to pull off the road, kneel down in the gravel or mud and manually put a gauge on each tire. With, ATS, the vehicle’s infotainment system will allow a driver to monitor trailer tire pressures from inside the cab, and also be able to monitor trailer tire temperatures, which should help prevent heat-related blowouts. The caveat is that this requires some special equipment be installed by your Chevrolet dealer.

August 3, 2018 by RVBusiness

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