Go RVing’s Dealer Tie-in Program Marks 21st Year

Go RVing’s Dealer Tie-in Program Marks 21st Year

Currently marking its 21st year, the Go RVing dealer tie-in program continues to provide a bridge between industry retailers and a growing RV community, helping drive traffic to retailers’ doors and ultimately spark sales.

“The tie-in program is designed to help dealers leverage their connection with consumers,” noted Karen Redfern, vice president, brand marketing communications, for Go RVing. “Our goal is to help draw consumers to the dealership and hopefully get them started on their RV journey. Judging by the input over the years, it’s been very well received by retailers.”

That connection is reinforced through a range of professional-grade advertising and marketing materials accessible on the Go RVing website, including this year’s commemorative posters proclaiming the initiative’s 2017 20th anniversary along with downloadable commercials, stock lifestyle footage and high-resolution images.

“We also list all participating dealers on our website that includes their contact information,” Redfern told RVBUSINESS.com, adding that 260 dealers are currently involved in this year’s tie-in program, up from 229 in 2016. “If consumers are enticed by our ‘Away’ videos or print ads, they can go to the website and easily locate a local dealer. Another really important feature is the ‘Leads Plus Program’ where potential leads are classified according to purchase time frame. That’s proven to be a very effective tool for dealers.”

Go RVing’s Karen Redfern

From a PR standpoint, Go RVing works with local TV stations and media to promote and help reporters craft RV-related stories. “If they want to talk about how the industry is doing, or any other topic, we put them in touch with their local dealers,” she said. “It increases the dealer’s exposure in the marketplace and gives them more recognition.”

A current area of focus for Go RVing is involving participating retailers in a growing list of experiential special events.

“Through the program, we can showcase RVs in venues that target our core demographic market,” stated Redfern, noting that Go RVing is hosting 38 events this year. “They’re primarily family-friendly events like state fairs, food festivals, music venues along with the military air shows.

“But we also set up at some high-profile, outdoor-oriented venues including Red Bull events, the Go Pro Mountain Games and the X Games. They cater to that adventure crowd — people who are already in the sweet spot to be an RVer. They’re generally hauling a lot of toys and we try to show them how an RV can help them do what they enjoy most.”

Go RVing employs its tie-in dealers to provide display RVs at the experiential events while salespeople are on site to work the show.

“The experiential events give access to consumers that normally wouldn’t stop in a dealership,” offered Redfern. “Dealers can talk one-on-one with potential buyers in a comfortable setting.”

She added, “We don’t necessarily do hard sells at the experiential events, but it’s another way to get those wheels churning to purchase an RV. Dealers can give people a walk-through and let them see all the features, technology and amenities that are available in RVs. It’s just another great opportunity to build that connection with consumers.”

August 3, 2018 by Dave Barbulesco

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